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villa fulladoza
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jean K. Rosselit (
Date:   05-03-05 21:40

Has anyone ever stayed at Villa Fulladoza? What did you think of it? How were the rooms, and the management? I am trying to decide between there and Villa Espanada, and need a little more information. Thanks!!

Jean in Michigan

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Re: villa fulladoza
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: David Baird (
Date:   05-09-05 23:29

I have been coming to Culebra for 12 years now. I have stayed at Villa Fulladoza three times. The quaint and tasteful decor along with large rooms at a good price, had me suggest it to dozens of island visitors.
BUT NO MORE!!! Last month, on my suggestion, a friend prepaid for the weekend on the Wednesday before. The next day, after learning that her arrival would be delayed, she called and left message (note: they almost never answer phone) that she would miss Sat night, but still make it for Sunday. The management charged full price for the night she missed, even though they had vacancies (in the 1 day of PREPAID reservation, they did not have to pass on renting to another possible guest). We could understand keeping some fee if there had been some loss, but there had been none. They kept the whole $80 for doing nothing. They insisted they keep 100% unless you cancel 1 week in advance (which is impossible when you PREPAY 3 days in advance). They said she inconvenienced them. Other than swelling their purse with her dollars, I don't see how. To make the best of a bad situation, I suggested perhaps they might allow her use of the kayak(normally $20), for the other $80 night paid for. They would not accept ANY compromise. I think they are quite foolish businesspeople. I had used my reputation to give them dozens of guests through the years, and now they embarrass me by keeping my friends money. They don't have a clue when it comes to caring for guests.

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