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Bajacu house
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Pierre Anctil (
Date:   04-27-05 10:11

Thank you for all the info.posted here. It is very helpful for a soon to be 1st time visitor. We are wondering if anyone knows the Bajacu house and the beach below. What are the merits of this house/location vs those on the Zuni beach side. Thanks

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Re: Bajacu house
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tricia Walthall (
Date:   05-02-05 06:29

I have been up to take a look at the Bajacu House. It is a beautiful, unique cabin perched on a hillside with great views. You can tell the house was built with loving care and incredible attention to details. Don't know about the beach below it. I suggest you get in contact with Carlos and Yaritza for more information. I live on the Zoni side, which is great also!

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Re: Bajacu house
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jean K. Rosselit (
Date:   05-11-05 21:09

Hi, I ran across a property called Villa Pietrres on this web site from Culebra vation planners that looks just like the Bajacu houne on the Brava Narural site. I think it might be the same place as the paint is pretty distinctive. Hope it helps, still looking for a place myself, but the price of this place is out of my range.

Jean in Michigan

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