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Car rental/Fajardo
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chris (207.198.239.---)
Date:   01-14-05 11:23

Hi everyone.

2 questions:

1) Thinking of just using a scooter while on the island. Interested in driving to beaches like Zoni, etc. Would a scooter be sufficent for this? Or do you suggest a car?

2) Was originally going to rent a car in San Juan and take cargo ferry over...
If I wanted to rent at San Juan airport and drop in Fajardo, are there any rental places that are better for this?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

All best,


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Re: Car rental/Fajardo
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   01-14-05 12:24

The scooter is good, it all depends on how much acivity you are willing to carry out.
There are some hills to Zoni, where the scooter ... I do not know.
If it was me, I settle for the car.
About your second question, The cargo ferry works only from Monday to Friday, and you have to reserve with them with two weeks in advance.
Rental cars insurance does not cover while being transported in the vessel.
There are some car rentals in Culebra, but you must check for availability first. I think you can find them in this forum.

Nice stay, enjoy.

Capt. J.guzman

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Re: Car rental/Fajardo
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Shawn (64.26.162.---)
Date:   01-14-05 15:07

Hi Chris,

We stayed near Zoni beach over New Year's. We rented compact cars from Thrifty (great service) which were even cheaper than a scooter, I believe. However, we did see scooters driving the road to Zoni so it doesn't appear to be a problem, especially since the road is paved the entire way.

We also did the one-way rental (albeit from Fajardo to San Juan). When I called around, only L & M and Avis would do it. We ended up going with the cheapest, Avis, costing us $90 for a one-way rental (compact car) for one day ($45 or so drop-off charge). The Fajardo office for Avis is at the Conquistador resort, so you have to take a taxi or get them to drive you to the ferry docks. To get numbers for local car rental agencies, click on "Transportation" on the Fajardo Inn website ( ).

Hope this helps,

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Re: Car rental/Fajardo
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Lori (
Date:   01-16-05 22:24

How can we get info on the cargo ferry to make reservations for a car to cross on the ferry? We will have a car and would like to have in Culebra. Also any idea of the cost? Is this a different ferry than the one I see listed for general transport? Thanks Lori

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