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Response to Mamacita's post: Advice for first time visitors
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: julie (209.190.129.---)
Date:   01-14-05 10:10

I found this board while planning my first trip to Culebra, and it was immensely helpful. I just reread the post containing all the varied opinions on Mamacita's and I was struck by the varying attitudes of visitors to Culebra. From this post, I take away the following:

1) if you want a 5-star resort where verything is done for you, you will hate Culebra.
2) if you are a backpacker in college, you will love Culebra.
3) if you do not have a whole lot of experience in traveling and are at a loss when things do not as planned, you will hate Culebra.
4) if you are impatient, you will hate Culebra.
5) if you are a go-with-the-flow kind of person who enjoys "winging it" and improvising, you will love Culebra.
6) if you enjoy meeting people, you will like Culebra.

Examples: One of the days we were there the entire island ran out of gas, and as a result we couldn't get a taxi. solution: we hitched, and met nice people. Another day, our meal took almost 2 hours to arrive at the table. Solution: we got good and drunk while waiting, and afterwards shopped at the grocery store so we could make food at home. We also learned that the local "bar" had no liquor license. Solution: we bought a bottle of rum and added it to their mixers. We did expereince some rudeness from local businesspeople who were clearly overwhelmed with the number of travelers (it was Christmas week), but we did not take it personally and just moved on.
It can be hard not to get frustrated when things don't go as you are used to, and sometimes service industry people will be mean to you just because they are overwhelmed (form my former personal experince as a terrible waitress). Try not to get upset about it-- Culebra's infrastructure has not kept up with the tourist demand and the islanders are clearly feeling the pinch. when they do finally get here, and they will, we will all whine that we miss the way it used to be.
Just my two cents.

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Re: Response to Mamacita's post: Advice for first time visitors
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   01-14-05 12:31

Good attitude.
And good statements 1 thru 6.
Hope you come back soon.
I personally suscribe number 1 and 4.

Best regards,

Capt. J.Guzman

PS I hope having my boat for your next visit, to show you my view of Culebra.

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