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Culebra Coloring Book
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: (
Date:   01-05-05 19:56

Happy New Year! We are ready to print, once again, the only entertainment/coloring book about Culebra for children visiting the island. As you probably know by now, with Yoyo’s Culebra Adventures the visiting child will learn about Culebra, from some of its history to today’s endangered animal species, and at the same time have fun. This book provides 48 pages of fun that include:

* Connect the Dots
* Navigate the Maze
* Coloring (Flamenco Beach, Town of Dewey, Culebrita’s Light house, Gardenia’s Art Gallery, Publico, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Hiking, etc.)
* Drawing
* Plot the Map
* Tic-Tac-Toe
* Conquer the Squares
* Word Find

If your business caters to children or your business would like to support this publication, we are offering space in the book for advertisements; from an 1/8-page ad to actually placing your ad in one of the cartoon pages which will increase your business exposure. In return for placing the ad, you will receive complimentary copies of the book for resale (the number of books depend on the type of ad purchased). If you would like to advertise and support this publication, please download the Ad Kit at to find out more details; if you need us to mail you the kit call us at 609-646-4881 or e-mail us at You are more than welcome to share the Ad Kit with those businesses that do not have access to the Internet.

We also have available a place mat, containing some of the fun activities of the entertainment/coloring book, for restaurants that would like to keep the kids entertained while waiting for their meals; these place mats are available in boxes containing 100 mats. If you wish to order some place mats, just fill out the section containing the place mats in the order form.

We hope to see your business support this noble cause to keep the visiting kids not only entertained, but also learning about our precious island and endangered animals. Five percent (5%) of the profit from the coloring book and place mat sales will be donated to Your support will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Culebra Coloring Book
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: (
Date:   01-07-05 07:20

For those interested in advertising in the coloring book, make sure that you submit your artwork and copy by January 31, 2005. If you need assistance with the ad design, please contact us at 609-646-4881 or by e-mail at Your support will help make this entertaining book available once again for the kids visiting the island and for our local kids.


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