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hikes in culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sharon DiLorenzo (
Date:   12-28-04 07:19

We'll be in Culebra and Vieques in early Feb and would appreciate any advice on interesting hikes. Not looking for anything too long- a few miles would be great. Thanks for your help.

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Re: hikes in culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   12-28-04 10:27

A couple walks that come to mind are the walk to Carlos Rosario from the parking lot at Flamenco and the hill at Punta Soldada.

The "trailhead" for Carlos Rosario is the parking lot adjacent to the admin building at Playa Flamenco. The walk is about a mile-plus each way and features stunning views of Luis Pena sound and El Yunque in the distance. Less stunning, but interesting nonetheless, is the walk from the top of the hill out past Fulladoza to the beach at Punta Soldada, with some interesting side trails (which might be private property; you may wish to inquire). While at the top, you catch glimpses of St. Thomas (at night, this is a spectacular place to see the lights and view stars). Both of these trails culminate in outstanding snorkling opportunities.

If you plan to spend the day over at Culebrita, there are a few trails there; one to Tortuga Beach, another to Flotsam Beach and a third to the lighthouse up on top.

One of the best hiking related activities requires a bit of good timing. Check with CORALations to see when the TurtleWatch programs are in session. A supervised group of participants hikes to either Brava or Resaca beach, at dusk, to observe and collect data on nesting hawksbill and leatherback turtles. It's an all night happening and none who have done it, ever forget or regret it.

Enjoy yoour walks,


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Re: hikes in culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: ron (
Date:   01-04-05 16:09

Hike to Brava Beach and Resaca Beach. It is a great hike and you will probably have the to yourselves. If you rent a jeep from Jerry's Jeeps he has the best maps.

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Re: hikes in culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sharon DiLorenzo (
Date:   01-05-05 07:39

Thanks, Ron. This is our first time to Culebra and Vieques and we'll be visiting for 11 days so we want to see as much as possible. We have a jeep rented from Jerry and he's already been very helpful via telephone. Any suggestions you have on anything related to dining, hiking, snorkeling - we are very appreciative. Can't wait! Actually, 2 of our close friends are in Vieques right now (their first time)and they'll be visiting Culebra in a few days. So we'll be able to "pick their brains" on their return home!

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