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Power Boat Rental?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Itzander (
Date:   03-21-03 23:50

Does anyone have any recomendations for power boat rentals in the Fajardo/Culebra/Vieques areas? I am going to be in PR in a few weeks and would like to rent out a boat for a day. I noticed Culebra Boat rentals, but I am wanting a 24' or larger boat with at least a 150 engine. Any suggestions for beaches to stop at are greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

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Re: Power Boat Rental?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: teresa tallevast (
Date:   03-22-03 05:16

Just a request, please. If you do stop at Culebrita or Cayo de Luis Pena which are protected areas managed by U.S Fish and Wildlife Service please use mooring buoys that are present if possible, drop an anchor only in sand, and please place any anchor only below the high tide line on any beach to avoid damaging sea turtle nests that might be present. The moorings were placed to encourage boaters to not anchor in seagrass or near corals. Many visiting boaters, not being aware of these things, unfortunately cause lots of damage to our fragile ecosystem by getting too close to corals or ripping up seagrasses. Please maintain no-wake speeds in canals, close to shore, or when entering any bay; there are very sensitive species present that need our protection. Also it is much better to get a water-taxi or fisherman to take you where you want to go. They know our waters which can be very tricky and hazardous for those that do not, and can greatly enhance your visit with lots of interesting information and local anecdotes. It is very easy to run aground and damage the boat (and your natural resources too) if you are not very familiar with Culebra waters. Please help us conserve Culebra for your future visits! Thanks, Teresa

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