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Culebra - newby questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mich (
Date:   03-31-18 11:21

Hi All,

Trying to plan a surprise trip so having a hard time pulling trigger on some of the details.

My husband and I LOVE to bike and prefer to use that as our mode of transportation (we both bike to work everyday normally, in our early thirties and physically very active). Is it possible to bike the entire 3 days we are there? I am not at all worried about us, I am more curious about the hills/pot holes. I read that a lot of locals use bikes solely so I figure we should be fine?

If we can bike everywhere, we are looking into Aleli Cottages (by Krusty Krab) and I read that that is on a very steep hill. Would this completely deter our bike idea? If it is steep, couldnt we just hop off for that last bit and walk it up?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Culebra - newby questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Geronimo (128.244.13.---)
Date:   04-10-18 13:25

I guess you "could" bike everywhere but some of the hills are steep and long. Like the one at Krusty Crab. It's even steep going up in a jeep! Keep in mind rain. Some pothole areas but not too bad. Really steep at Zoni. It's hot and no breeze on some interior roads. Not sure if you ride your bike in direct sun and all hilly but it can be brutal. Would also need to really watch for other tourist zooming around in their rental jeep not paying attention on twisting winding roads.

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