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Bringing My fishing gear
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Paul Baxter (
Date:   01-15-14 10:43

Hi all,
First of all we am getting really excited about our trip to Culebra. First of all it will be my new wife and I's first trip together (we are getting married the day before we fly). And second because of beauty of this little island.

I have a million and 1 questions. A lot of which have been answered in previous topics. I will continue to scan through those for some of the basics. I have already altered my travel plans based on a few of the suggestions here. So thank you already.

I know its known more for the diving, but I plan to fish also. I will be bringing a little of my own gear. My goal is to catch a bone fish and perhaps some pargo (cubera snapper) while there. Is anyone willing to share an area or two I will be likely to find fishing opportunity's?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I reserve the right to ask more questions. =)

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Re: Bringing My fishing gear
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Benjamin  (
Date:   01-15-14 11:44

If you're planning a bonefish trip for this fall or winter, chances are you're not thinking about Puerto Rico. You're almost definitely not thinking of Culebra, a small island off the Puerto Rico's eastern coast. And why would you be? As Culebra fly fishing guide Chris Goldmark says, "Culebra should never be considered a major Bonefish destination by any stretch of the imagination." However, if you're looking to plan an out-of-the-ordinary bonefishing trip that offers up shots at perhaps the Caribbean's biggest bonefish, off the shores of an authentic island oozing with culture, at prices that are dwarfish in comparison to bonefish trips to the Florida Keys or islands of the Bahamas -- you might want to take a look at Culebra after all.

read the rest at........



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Re: Bringing My fishing gear
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Paul Baxter (
Date:   01-15-14 15:13

Thanks for the reply. I read this article over a year ago. It is one of the reasons we choose Culebra as our Honeymoon spot.

I have not decided yet whether or not I want to charter a guide. I am much more inclined to get a line wet between fun stuff with my bride.

No worries, I will find fish. =)

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Re: Bringing My fishing gear
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (173.243.87.---)
Date:   01-16-14 13:10

look at the maps, switch to satellite - it will be obvious where to find them :)

Enjoy Culebra!


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Re: Bringing My fishing gear
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Paul Baxter (
Date:   02-24-14 14:54

Just got home from an amazing week in Culebra. Now that I am home, I will post a reply to my own question. I am sure there are other who enjoy fishing also.

Let me qualify my post first...I am a professional tournament angler. I fish more than 250 days of the year. I am not a braggart, but I can find and catch fish.

Looking at a satellite image will give you a decent layout of an area, but will NEVER show you where to actually fish. Hiring a local guide is always going to be your best bet for catching, when you go to a new area. Unfortunately Culebra only has 1 guide who fishes the inshore waters for bonefish. He is only on the island part time. He was completely booked the week I was there.

If you want to fish for bonefish in Culebra and Captain Chris is booked or back in below.

1st stop = Drive the road to go to Punta Solidado. When you park, turn around and go to the water on the east side of the parking area. You are in Ensenada Malena. Walk towards the point. From the reef to the camping area is a great flat. I saw several bones there.

2nd stop = Go to Playa Manzanilla. Most on the island have no idea where this is or how to get there. I saw a post on this forum that the admins don't even know how to get there. It is very hard to find. But if you can get there, you will find fish. Wade the entire grass to the east and even round the corner, lots of fish here. Here is a little map to help you find it.

3rd stop = Go to Playa Larga. Locals know this beach. To get there drive out on 250 like you are going to Zoni. You will see a huge bougainvillea fence. You can't miss this fence, it is covered in the beautiful flowers. Take the first available right after the fence. That will take you all the way down to Playa Larga. There is a little dock there. You can find bones right and left of the dock.

I did not try to fish for tarpon or snook. But there will be next year. =)

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