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solo female camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: lauraadventureseeker (
Date:   09-12-13 22:07

Hello everyone,

I would like the opinions of all the people especially, female that had experienced with solo camping on Culebra. Main question did you feel safe? Do you think that it is safe enough for me to just camp in a hammock or should I camp in a tent?



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Re: solo female camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tim S (
Date:   09-16-13 10:41

I've been to Culebra 6 times and I've never felt unsafe on this little island. It is a very different place than the big island. I would consider Culebra to be one of the safest in the Caribbean. The people there are wonderful, but this does not prevent bad people from visiting the island. Avoid the Holiday times if you can. Less crowded and more peaceful.

I would not recommend a hammock unless it is one of the Hennessy hammock types. The Hennessy hammocks are basically suspended tents. There are bugs in Culebra that could make you miserable through the night, especially if the breeze is absent. Also, it can rain. So having a dry place for you and your stuff is desirable.

As far as camp site selection...use your common sense. For you, as a solo female camper, I would recommend that you check out your potential camping neighbors. This is good to do even if your a guy, as I am. Talk with them. You'll find most to be very friendly. Like anywhere you go in this world, you'll get a sense of who is decent and who you may want to stay away from.

If you like adventure, as your pen name suggests, you will make great memories there. Hike, bike, kayak and snorkel all you can.

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