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Ferry and Camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Adrienne Schlatter (
Date:   03-02-13 12:36

Hello All,

I am coming to PR for the first time with my friend at the end of the month. We are both medical students, I am very excited to get away from studying for a while. I realized that my spring break matches up with holy week on the island, which changes my plans a bit.

I am hoping to visit Culebra on Tuesday and stay over night camping, but I have heard that it is really busy during that week and you might not get a reservation. I would like to take the 9am ferry to Culebra from Fajardo. I have heard that I need to line up many hours before to get tickets. How many hours before must I line up to get tickets? I would really like to sleep on my one and only vacation in med school. Can I go the day before and get tickets?

I have tried to call the ferry and the campground to see if I can reserve tickets and neither have answered, and most of the phone numbers provided on this page are disconnected. Is there a better more updated way to reach either of these places? Does anyone know nay alternative numbers or people I can call?

Also at what time do I need to reserve the camp site? If I am taking the 9am ferry (if I can get tickets) so I will not be on Culebra until 11am. Is that too late? I am on a tight budget so camping would be the most economical option.

I am also planning to rent bikes and go around the island. Where is the cheapest place to rent good bikes. Where can I get a map of the beaches? Where should I stop to eat along the way? Is it safe to leave the bikes unattended while swimming and exploring? Where should I leave valuables?

Thanks so much for all your help,

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