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General advice and camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DLT (
Date:   01-13-13 13:36

My family is going to PR next weekend. We have 3 full days. We get in past midnight so the first day there will be a light one, we are staying in fajardo and will do a biobay tour. I figured we would take the 9:00 ferry to culebra the next day and snorkel as much as we can. I can't find any lodging in our budget range for 1 night so we could either camp (which we enjoy) or return to fajardo at 5:00. I know this site is biased towards culebra, but with one day of snorkeling done and with maybe half a day more on culebra are we better off spending the time snorkeling, or exploring the island, or instead going to the rain forest on our way back to SJU? We have to be at the airport by 6 pm.

*Do we need reservations for the ferry? Without reservations what time do we need to be at the ferry? We want the 9:00 and return at 5: (or 1:00 if we stayed overnight)

*for 1 night of camping, we would have very minimal supplies. Like just tent, light blankets and no mats, no stove, etc. Has anyone rented camping gear on the island? Does the tent have a floor and netting? Should we bring our own?

*if we did camp, is there parking? Do we want a car for convenience since we're on a very tight schedule? I think it makes sense?

Thanks so much for any input.

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Re: General advice and camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herb (
Date:   01-13-13 17:44

Certainly doable, but you need to get planning. Search the forums for tent city and call. If you can not get him on the phone, you can certainly buy a cheap tent at K or Wal Mart in Fajardo and schlepp it over. You can get all of the food you need for lunch and dinner at the kiosks.

Rent a "Thing" from Dick if you want to, but not necessary for your limited trip (the publicos will meet your needs very well) and "Yes" there is parking, plenty of it.

When you call tent city, ask him if he has kids fins and vests. If the answer is no, then buy them also in Fajardo.

I am not a particular fan of staying in Fajardo. I would rent a car in San Juan from Leaseway and get to Fajardo and shop and do the BioBay and stay the night and then move on. Leaseway is a 24 hour rental, as I recall, and so you can stay the night and then have them drop you off at the dock the next morning and you won't have to pay a taxi fare.

Most importantly, do a search of the forum. There is an incredible amount of information to help you.

Peace out

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Re: General advice and camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DLT (
Date:   01-13-13 20:41

Thanks herb for this info and about snorkeling. We already have the first part of the trip organized, it's just the second half I'm not all the way sure about. I know I have a lot of questions! I am trying to organize as much in advance because time is so tight. I have a conception of what culebra is like - we'll see if it's accurate. This may be the first trip of many.

We have our own tent and snorkel gear, I just was hoping to avoid schlepping it around and paying for checked baggage too, but in the end I think it will save time and trouble to bring our own. I did have an email into someone about the tent but haven't heard back and I keep forgetting to call during the day. I'm glad you mentioned the thing, because that's what I was thinking!

I actually stayed up really late one night reading the forum and bookmarked lots of posts. Great stuff.


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