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The current weather in Culebra

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Current weather
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jennilyn Figueras (
Date:   01-10-13 17:43

Has it been raining a lot in culebra lately? I will be there from 1/14-1/22 along with 3 other people and was hoping that the weather channel has been inaccurate. I've been really looking forward to snorkeling and being on the beach under the sun but the weather news is already making me feel blue. :(

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Re: Current weather
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DRB (67.199.182.---)
Date:   01-11-13 01:46

I know what you mean about looking forward to sunny, warm weather. I will be on Culebra 1/16 - 2/1. In my past trips to Culebra the weather reports have all been pretty consistent with 20 to 30 percent chances of rain, breezy etc. (as they are now). What I have found is that it has rained, then it clears up, the sun comes out and it warms up again. Anyway, I'm staying optimistic that it will be that way ;) - Dave

P.S. where I am today, it is 22 degrees, has dumped 1+ foot of snow in last three hours and is still snowing. Dang... I'm really looking forward to Culebra Sun!!!

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Re: Current weather
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herb (
Date:   01-11-13 18:27

You might want to revisit this post:

We can save you from a miserable vacation and a waste of money.

Peace out

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