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Wildlife Reserve Resarch Visit
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ariana Estrella (
Date:   10-09-12 00:26

I will be heading to Culebra in the end of December-January to do research for my undergraduate architecture thesis and am looking for some travel advice. I am designing a conservation and research facility for the island and would like to explore the natural area and the island's traditional buildings.

Can anyone suggest some good people to talk to our places I should not miss out on seeing?
I am still trying to contact someone at the reserve to find out about visiting and receiving information about the land.

What would be the best mode of transportation from the hotels to the reserve- is it far? I have family in Puerto Rico so traveling around there and to and from Culebra is not a problem, thankfully.

I am a student, so budget is a big factor, but hopefully my grant will come through, all suggestions are welcome!

Thank you :)

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Re: Wildlife Reserve Resarch Visit
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Arroz (
Date:   10-09-12 09:51

If I were a student and had the time, I would use a bicycle to get around Culebra. Also, for background to your thesis (if you haven't seen it already) you might want to look at a joint report prepared in 1973 which lays out land uses in Culebra

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Re: Wildlife Reserve Resarch Visit
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   10-10-12 22:41

You might also check with Maryann Lucking with Coralations. She is a wealth of knowledge about Culebra.

Vicki in Tennessee

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