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Culebra / Club Seabourn Wedding!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Rubenn (
Date:   08-11-12 14:56

We celebrated our wedding at Zoni Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico on May 19th, 2012. This beach is very special to us because it was the place where we got engaged two years ago to the day.
The ambiance was magical. Culebra is a very small island off the western coast of Puerto Rico. Within the island are multiple beaches with crystal clear waters and soft white sands. The most popular of all the beaches is Flamenco Bay and by far the one that gets the most visitors. This was perfect for us because at Zoni Beach on any given day you are the only one there. And this was the case both on the day that Ruben proposed and on the day of our wedding. This made it a very private and special event that united not just Ruben and I forever but also united our guest and truly made them part of our amazing event.
The process of planning the wedding in Puerto Rico was very easy and stress free. This was in no small part to Cecilia Rodriguez (The owner of Club Seabourne) and her amazing staff. Having been to Culebra before and looking at many of the hotels in the island we knew that if anybody was going to plan our wedding perfectly it would be the people at Club Seabourne. Their hotel is so beautiful and well kept. All their gardens are meticulously manicured. The rooms are also very comfortable and the care and attention given to their guest always surpasses all expectations. From the moment that we contacted Club Seabourne we were at peace. Soon after the first call we received a preliminary contract to review and modify. Even after the final contract was signed we were still able to change things around. We even saw some very cute items and additions on internet websites that we were able to incorporate into the wedding. For the extra things Cecilia from Club Seabourne told us to just mail them to her and she would make wonders with them. She made good on her promise. For the menu the hotel sent us a list of possible courses with extremely reasonable prices. We picked two choices for a main course and a special plate for Ruben because of food allergies. They were able to accommodate this request without a problem. We opted for an open bar for the reception with Guava Sangria as signature drink. The Sangria was delicious. They also had some appetizers before the meal that were amazing too. It all looked like pieces of art on plates and it was all made possible by Club Seabourne's chef, Cielito. She and her kitchen staff were fantastic with preparing and presenting the food.
We would recommend having Club Seabourne plan your destination wedding primarily because of how beautiful it is. Also because of their special attention to detail. They make the entire process easy so you don't have to worry about anything and can enjoy your special day. From beginning to end everything was as we planned it. They did everything perfectly and then went even further to make sure we were happy. The morning after, while checking out Cecilia (the hotel owner) came to say goodbye and to bring us the final bill and even that was perfect. It was exactly the amount we had calculated to the dollar. We were very impressed with Clun Seabourne. They truly made our wedding day a day to remember for a lifetime.
I would also like to add that getting married in Culebra was very easy because of their U.S. / Puerto Rico Common Wealth status. We didn't need passports, they use the same monetary currency and almost everyone speaks English. For the actual wedding they only require the documents necessary to get married in your own state of residency. This meant no extra forms or medical test.
For all these reasons Culebra and Club Seabourne get two thumbs up, five out of five stars and a million thanks from us for a wonderful hotel stay and a fairytale wedding.

Regards and happy wedding planning
Nikki & Ruben


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Re: Culebra / Club Seabourn Wedding!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   08-21-12 22:21

Thank you for sharing!!

Enjoy Culebra!


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