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worst trip ever!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: rob (69.79.4.---)
Date:   07-21-04 13:29

Pease do not take the ferry or boat rides never know if they would be able to bring you back at the hour they say. I was stranded there for 6 hours! Other people that were told the ferry would pick them up were waiting at approx. 3:00 pm. The ferry did not arrive until 11:30pm! Im glad i chose not not go with the ferry! There are other islands that are less of a hassle to get to. Dont get me wrong it is a preety island but after talking to people there this wasnt the only time people have been stranded in the rain.

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Re: worst trip ever!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tracy (207.43.195.---)
Date:   07-21-04 16:27

This must have been a busy holiday weekend. When there is a holiday, there is such an influx of tourists by ferry on both Friday and Saturday, that people don't realize that all of the people coming over for two days usually all go back on Sunday -- that's two days worth of people trying to leave in one day. That is why this happens. So, plan around the large holiday weekends and you won't have an issue with the ferry.

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