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Jerry's Jeeps
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Zak (
Date:   04-19-12 18:20

Just some info on the jeeps at Jerry's.

We got one of the cheap ones... the Samarai, for $45/day. What you need to know about the Samarai... firstly, most importantly, there is no power steering. If you're a woman, get something else because it takes some muscle to maneuver these jeeps! Secondly, there isn't anything stopping someone from getting into the Samarai and stealing your stuff... so be careful what you leave in there... and there aren't many hiding spots in there! Thirdly, no air conditioning... not a big deal, but worth noting. Lastly, they are a bit rough on gas (we got around 16 mpg), a bit loud, a bit rough, and a bit stinky. As Jerry said, that car you've got sitting at home... it'll feel like a new luxury car :)

Anyhow, so these things aren't perfect, and they take some adjusting to, but they are worth the money... more importantly, Jerry is worth the money. On more than one occasion we called him for information (how to I get to..., where is this restaurant..., etc) and he excitedly gave us every detail we could possibly need to answer our questions. You will need a "Jerry" if it's your first time in Culebra. He goes above and beyond.

There were no extras charged to the $45 since we paid with cash... had we not paid with cash there would have been quite a bit added on to the $45.

I highly recommend Jerry's Jeeps... whether you get one of the cheapies, or one of the nicer ones, Jerry's is the place to go.

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Re: Jerry's Jeeps
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: scot marechaux (
Date:   05-05-12 10:56

Jerry is the best. love him, since 1992 two thumbs up

Living well is the best revenge.

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