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Stay away from Club Seabourne
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: upflore1 (
Date:   03-18-12 01:14

We reserved the deluxe room, and instead were given the "family room" at check-in, with the need to switch to the Deluxe room on the last day of our stay. When I asked why my room had been double booked, the front desk person simply unapologetically replied, "it happens alot". This was the first red flag during our stay.The room was prepaid, so I decided to make the best of it, as I knew that they weren't going to offer a refund.
On the day that we switched rooms, we waited until noon to get the key to our Deluxe room, but the counter person kept telling us that it wasn't ready and she couldn't give us the new key. We informed her that we would be out until later that evening, and she simply told us to check in at the office at that time. When we returned at 7pm, there was nobody in site. The three phone numbers listed at the front desk went unanswered. They didn't even leave a note on the desk informing us where to get the key. We finally decided to look in the desk drawer, and by chance, found an extra copy of the key to our room. After two hours of searching for a staff worker, making phone calls, and simply waiting in our Jeep, we were finally able to get in our room. We later found out that the property manager had our copy of the key and we were somehow, telepathically supposed to know who he was and where he lived.
The next morning we brought this up to the counter lady, and she once again was very dismissive, and once again, NO apology.
Cleaning service was sub-par. Floors were left unswept, room trash can was not emptied. The room door fit poorly on the frame, leaving 1/4 inch gaps under the door, where huge roaches and one scorpion crawled in through. We had to cover the gaps with folded towels.
They mentioned that they offer wi-fi, but they didn't mention that we would need to leave our villa and walk down to the office to get any sort of decent wifi signal.
We ordered the boxed lunch (turkey rap), and were disappointed when we took the food out of the cooler. It was wrapped in Saran wrap and the water had seeped right through, making it a mushy inedible sloppy mess. We returned the cooler with the wraps, and they once again brushed it off with no apology, yet still charged me $36 for the meal. The audacity of these people!
Club Seabourne is nothing but a sham. Their glitzy, photoshopped website photos are just a facade. The staff is very unprofessional, irresponsible and just plain rude.
I've stayed at Culebra Beach Villas, and Hotel Kokomo in the past. Had I known what I was in for, I would have stayed at either one instead. They're more rustic in style, but you get what you pay for, plus the staff is courteous and attentive.
I don't ask for much when I stay at a hotel. I simply want honesty, cleanliness, a good value, and decent service, neither of which were offered at Club Seabourne.
Please stay away from this place. It will ruin what would otherwise be a marvelous get away to a beautiful island.

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