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SEEKING Job Opportunities
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tom├ís Rafferty (
Date:   02-10-12 17:54

I wonder what kinds of trades or professions are in demand in Culebra for a guy to be able to live, pay rent and put a little money on the side.

Something that might require good elbow grease but not much capital.


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Re: SEEKING Job Opportunities
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tony Aponte (173.243.87.---)
Date:   02-19-12 08:05

Hello Tom

In response to your question, I have to tell you from what I have seen since I have moved down here (3 weeks now), I see a lot of opportunity as far as someone coming down and offering some sort of handyman services. I used to own my home improvement business in Florida but shut it down to come here with no desire to start one up due to I have a marketing business also. I needed to get a plumber at my grandmothers for an emergency and couldn't get a hold of anyone. I ended up having to take care of it myself but took me nearly all day where a professional would probably have had it done in a couple of hours or less. Plumbing and electrical work are the two areas I didn't offer previously, so was needing a professional.

It blew my mind how we couldn't find one right away. It seems the more I talk to my grandmother, who has been here most of her life, she tells me its pretty much the same way with any type of service. Now, I do realize that supplies wise a lot is affected by the ferries which could be part of the reason but I have been going down to the local hardware stores and they for the most part seem to have most of what you would need. The only thing I'm not sure about is the paints. I personally would have to go to the mainland and get it from Sherwin-Williams but other than that, they seem to be able to handle any thing you need.

Again, this is just from my observation from past 3 weeks but also from coming to visit here often. It always boggled my mind why no one really took it to the next level here. I think there is a nice opportunity for someone driven enough.

Another sidenote: My dad does the same thing (handyman) and came down here for vacation for two weeks. Him and my mom came down to do some work on my grandmothers house. Each time he went down to hardware store to get supplies, the lady there was constantly haggling him to stay...that she could send him work consistently. He has no desire to move down here.

Hope that was of some help.


Tony Aponte



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Re: SEEKING Job Opportunities
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   02-19-12 23:11

My husband and I vacation on Culebra. In our rental in 2010, we had a plumbing issue. My husband works as technical services manager for a major beverage co and has all kinds of certifications here. I talked to the plumber who came to the house and asked about how hard it would be for him to find work on Culebra. He explained that none of the certifications he has here on the mainland would be worth a hill of beans on Culebra. Your certifications would have to be earned in PR. He also does some electrical, carpentry, etc. Sure was attempting to find a way for us to move to Culebra. LOL

Vicki in Tennessee

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