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Our Trip 6/24-6/26
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tim V (
Date:   07-02-04 22:34

From the cargo ferry ride over (thanks Island Time) to the snorkeling at Carlos Rosario, it was ALL GOOD!
We made a recommended stop for groceries prior to Fajardo and guess what, I missed the 9:30 am boat. Oh well, thanks to a nice captain and gentleman who chartered his cargo ferry we were on our way by 11 am. Great ride too. It will seat 85 and has padded seats in the a/c room. We sat up top.
Enjoyed our 2 nt stay at Casa Encenada. It was clean and well appointed. We utilized the free 2 person kayak and enjoyed mornings and evenings on the harbor. Nice boat people that manage the place too. Beach chairs, umbrella, boogie boards were there too for no charge. Dive Shop had a good cross section of gifts, cokes, Cherry Garcia ice cream pops, cigars, and frozen steaks/lobster!
I would stay in town again because one of our most favorite things we did was walk to Barbara Rosa's for dinner or the Dingy Dock for Lunch, happy hour, or coffee and dessert Nice people at both places. Stimulating conversation and great food. The shark that swam by the dock was a great sight at night at the dingy as well as there colorful furnishings and excellent chimichangas and cold beer. The dude with the tri-marran sail boat had great tales of his adventures. Barbara Rosa's was recommended for moderate price and good food. Her fish and chips had thick fillets and tasty batter while the crab cakes were thick and loaded, and the cole slaw excellent. The atmosphere was a cozy side yard next to a street . 4 people can eat a hearty meal for 40 bucks.
Nice folks abound everywhere. The cab driver left his sleeping baby in the car seat while he went to get additional fares. A ranger at the Flaminco Beach advised that we could leave our gear "it will be hear when you get back". Flaminco Beach was the best too. Snorkel both sides and body surf the middle. Found the vendors to be reasonable on tacos, chicken on stick, and bead products. If you need to know something about the area just ask someone.
The hike to Rosario was easy on a newly graded road, great views from top, and the reef was the best we've snorkeled (our group has been a dozen or so places) 20 foot wall with 30" grouper? in the deep and angel, parrot, and numerous others I cannot name in the corral. Saw turtles suface when we first arrived.
We had a laid back time with no problem staying active in the outdoors. On my way to work today I missed my turn...thinking about Calebra-Tim V

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Re: Our Trip 6/24-6/26
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   07-03-04 07:12

Tim - I take it you will return :)

Enjoy Culebra!


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