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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Anna (
Date:   06-28-04 11:00

Hello, does any one have any advise about the possibility of getting a tent site @ the Flamenco Beach Camp Site. I was thinking about the last weekend in July? Thanks, Anna

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Re: Camping?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Andria (
Date:   06-29-04 04:51

Hey.......I have been to Flamenco quite a bit over this last year and have camped every time..........Most travel books say it's $10 for a site, but the price is actually $20 a night. There aren't many amenities there, so you would have to bring your own tent. The bathrooms are rustic and the showers are more of beach shower style out in the open. There is water available from tanks placed around the campground, but the showers are supposed to only open certain hours of the day (I think from 2 till 7)......However, I've found that the showers on the far end of the campground have always been on (at least everytime I tried) after hours. Suprisingly it does get a bit chilly at night due to the ocean breeze and you would probably want to prepare for mosquitos, depending on where you set up. Good Luck...Flamenco is beautiful and I always enjoy camping out there.......When you get off the ferry or the plane, you will have to take a $2 taxi to the beach or you can walk, but it's a few miles. Take care and God Bless. (Also, if you are coming from San Juan and you don't have a car, you can make the trip for about $4......if you take a bus(.25) to Rio Piedras, and then a Publico (Public van)($3.00) from there. Then you can catch a publico to the ferry for (.65). The drivers often try to charge $50 or so to tourists. The $50 is for a direct trip to the ferry, because they make more money that way......Otherwise for a lot cheaper, the publico will make a few stops along the way (which really doesn't take much time at least the way they do it).......The only thing is publicos don't run after 5pm...but the last trip to Culebra ends before that anyway.)


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Re: Camping?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: jorgesanchezurbaez (
Date:   07-19-04 21:25

i was camping in flamingo beach camp site ...... every year a gruop of 20 of my families freinds and good neiborgs....... camps togerders at flamingo .....for one week ....... for the past 7 years........ is a graeters,bautifuls,places, at the cost of $20.00 per tens of 6 persons for night this includes the seconds place # ,beach of the word ...... acording with the travels channel topĀ“10 beaches of the world. ............. beleve me,and in the nights includes billions of stars and sweetes sea breessszzzzz..... for sleep a recomend hamacas bring yours ........ or buy one at maira supermarket in culebra town for $20.00 at the beach place your tens at area: A.... or d tthey have nearts the beach shawers.

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