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Bill Penfield Charter
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Alan Majka (
Date:   02-25-11 07:53

Our party of 6 went out for a day long picnic charter to Culebrita with Capt. Bill on his 30 foot sailing catamaran, unusually rigged for offshore fishing. He motored the vessel with the main sail up. The little quiet hidden environmentally responsible outboard propelled the light racing hulls surpizingly well. We wondered if we would regret spending the $650, but are glad we did. Bill was very professional, showed up on time, was very attentive to our every need and has a very easy going personality. He provided some healthy snacks of fresh fruit and veggies, a large assortnment of cold beverages and a masterfully prepared feast of fish he caught the previous day with rice, vegetables and fruit. We caught a small Cero mackeral shortly after leaving the bay. Bill's extensive surfing knowledge of wave sets aided in timing the entry to Tortuga bay as there was a large offshore swell breaking at the entrance that day. He supplied a waterproof box for our cameras and a surfboard to assist us and his first mate dachshund mix to swim ashore. We enjoyed the beautiful beach, warm natural jacuzzi baths and a hike to the top of the 19th century Spanish lighthouse for spectacular 360 views. Please note the unrestored lighthouse is not safe, but it's hard to resist walking across the old plank and up the rusted stairs to the sans railing peak. After our return to the boat, Bill's friend, Tina the sea turtle and a large ramora entertained our 14 year old swimmers and made for some great photo ops. Bill very carefully navigated the breaking swells out of the protected harbor and found a glassy lee shore for some snorkling over the side while he cooked out r meal. As he has many return customers, he doesn't need to bother with a web site and you'll need to book early by calling 787-215-3809.

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Re: Bill Penfield Charter
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Geronimo (
Date:   02-25-11 08:28

Sounds like a fantastic day out on the sea; a memory to be savored a lifetime.

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Re: Bill Penfield Charter
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Date:   02-25-11 12:21

What does anyone know about Sail Culebra? Owner, cost, destinations etc>

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