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How is the weather for camping?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: islandsun (
Date:   11-24-10 15:32

Hi! I am on the main island of PR and wanted to go this week to camp at Flamenco but after watching the weather on noaa, we decided to cancel until the weather (winds) are better. Those of you there, how do you see the weather at the beach? Do you think it is okay for camping? Are the ferries still going back and forth?

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Re: How is the weather for camping?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: islandsun (
Date:   12-02-10 21:20

We Just came back from Culebra, camping was great, the weather was also excellent! It was cool and breezy. The beach at Flamenco was a bit rough and windy so we didn't take any dips there but Carlos Rosario beach was calm and the hike to get to it was nice too. The trail starts at Flamenco and it takes about 30 minutes? Not sure, it wasn't bad at all. So anyone else wanting to camp out, this is a good time. Just make sure you check several weather websites to see if it will rain or not. Oh, another thing, the ferry to Culebra was rough to go but on our way back it was rather pleasant. Well, we didn't want to leave but we are planning to go again before Easter week before the crowds get there.
Happy Camping!

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