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Trip to Culebra in June
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Rachel Berry (
Date:   11-03-10 20:22

Hi, I am planning a trip to Culebra in June 2011 sometime. My husband is in the Air Force and is leaving for Korea in July, so we were wanting to take a special trip before he leaves. I actually just heard about Culebra today through a friend from school that lives in Puerto Rico, so I started to look around and decided immediately this was where I wanted to go.

My main question is where is the best place to stay on our vacation? We will more than likely be on the island for 3-4 days, depending on pricing. We of course would like to be near a beach, but we are more outdoorsy and would like to see the nature also. Speaking of nature, is there a certain area of the island we should explore?

I am still looking at the transportation stuff, so any information on that would be greatly appreciated also.

Thank You in advance

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Re: Trip to Culebra in June
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Linda H (
Date:   11-04-10 08:52

The island is small enough that you are never that far from town or most beaches if you have a car. We have stayed in vacation homes about a mile or so from town (different neighborhoods each time) both times we have been in Culebra, and have found it easy to bike into town whenever we need anything. Staying at a casita or guest house in town of course puts you closer to the shops and restaurants, but I suspect it is noisier. A car makes it easier to get to Zoni or Punta Soldado, but isn't really necessary if you are in good shape and don't mind traveling light and carrying what you need on your bike.

If you are seeking solitude, try Resaca or Brava, which both require hiking. We had Resaca all to ourselves all day during Easter week last year. Flamenco is the most crowded, but still much less so than most Carribean beaches, and has restrooms and food kiosks. In between are Carlos Rosario, Zoni, etc. I'd have to say Zoni is my favorite of all the beaches, but if you want to snorkel Carlos Rosario, Melones or Tamarindo are better.

June might be a good time to find sea turtles hatching -- we go in March/April due to school schedules, and so are there too early, although we have seen several nests both years. Try contacting the DNR or USFWS to see what they recommend.

Enjoy Culebra!

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