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Cancelled Air Flamenco flight
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: kelly gould (
Date:   10-04-10 19:33

We are supposed to be arriving in Culebra via Air Flamenco on 10/16, returning home on 10/23. I have just learned that they are not flying at this time, and VAL isn't flying into Culebra until November. Our plane gets into SJU about 1:45, so I don't think we can make the 3:00 ferry. Also, our return flight departs SJU at 2:30, so we need to be back at the airport by 1:30. Any advice on how to make this work? As far as I can tell, my best bet would be to rent a car and just take the 7 pm ferry to Culebra, and then take the 6:30am ferry back to Fajardo on the 23rd. Yuck!

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Re: Cancelled Air Flamenco flight
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palmettoculebra (
Date:   10-04-10 19:50

Good evening,
VAL is flying from Ceiba. You might want to taxi down to Ceiba & fly from there.

Good luck.
Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra

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Re: Cancelled Air Flamenco flight
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Inter Isand Water Taxi (65.14.229.---)
Date:   10-05-10 08:58

Hello Kelly, we can pick you up in Fajardo after you land and take you straight over to Culebra. We can also pick you up from Culebra and drop you off in Fajardo as soon as you would like to be there. If you need more info please emil us. good luck

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