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My recent visit.....
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: KansasShannon (
Date:   08-23-10 15:32

Let me start by saying that Culebra & it's people have stolen my heart. I was there a week ago, & had nothing but good experiences, well the cargo ferry kinda stunk, but hey, we made it to the island, and for awhile it wasn't looking good. By the way, CONGRATS to all you protesters for getting your ferry back!

We rented a VW thing from Dick, & he is such a cool guy! Met Pat at the dive shop, & she is definately a kindred spirit. We stayed at Culebra Beach Villas, & it was outstanding! So clean, comfortable, private and reasonably priced. The place was so quiet, the only noise at night was the frogs, which I thought were crickets, but our nice neighbors, from the mainland informed me otherwise =) The only commotion was on the Friday morning, when the crews from a PR variety morning show showed up, complete with bikini and speedo clad dancers....what a hoot!

But ultimately, the magical part for me, was the magnificent beauty and serenity that I found on every beach. The snorkeling was enchanting, saw several turtles, rays, & some huge tarpon. I think my only complaint would be, the amount of random trash I saw about the island. I was actually quite surprised that amongst such natural beauty, someone would find it neccessary to create their own dumpsite along the road. Just for the record, I did not so much as litter even a cigarrette butt (I put them in my pocket), but I understand that it's something that happens everywhere in the world, and unfortunately not alot of ways to combat it.

I am most definately planning a return trip, which I'm sure will be one of many to come......

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