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On Island Transportation
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Richard Crisler (66.207.76.---)
Date:   02-12-10 12:47

Seems my family has chosen President's weekend to visit and there are no rental cars. We will be staying in the campground but need transport from the airport to the campground and to the market and back etc. Any suggestions. All the numbers for cabs on the island that I can find have been disconnected. We do not need a luxury liner, just a person with a pickup or SUV to help us out. Any thoughts? Richard

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Re: On Island Transportation
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Detlef (
Date:   02-12-10 18:52

You can count on the publicos (passenger vans) to be present at the campground entrance at certain times during the day. They follow the schedule of the ferry (arriving or departing) to PR. For the publicos, the cost per person each way is $3.

The most-used ferrys are as follows:
9:00am(ferry arrives), 1:00pm(ferry leaves), 3:00 pm (ferry arrives), 5:00 pm (ferry leaves). Just try to time it around this schedule...

The publicos regularly follow this trend, but often operate "at-luck" around these times. You can pre-arrange a pick-up with one of the drivers to get you to the airport.

I have a couple numbers: Fontana Taxi (787)590-1375; Miguelito Taxi (787)473-2594 good early hours

good luck!


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Re: On Island Transportation
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: andrew kerr (
Date:   02-13-10 10:15

Miguelito is the man, I got his number my first day there and called him all week from the campground! If it is too early, he will tell you to call his father , Miguel! Cool guy and i like his spanish rap music that he listens to in his van!

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