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Casa Ensenada
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Gary Markman (
Date:   02-02-10 13:40

My wife and I had a Wonderful! time in Culebra at the beginning of Jan 2010. Casa Ensinada was exactly as expected. We stayed in both the Pequeno and the Estudio and both were perfectly acceptable. I would describe both as the kind of rooms that one would find in a mom and pop motel in northern Wisconsin. Comfy beds, working plumbing, lots of amenities like coffee maker, fridge, cooking implements, plates, microwave. The location is perfect for catching taxis or going downtown. Butch and Jackie were there and were excellent hosts. After 20 years, they sort of know their way around. Be sure to check under the building for goodies left by previous guests. There were coolers, a beach chair, and a kneeboard which was excellent for body surfing.
People were friendly in general and very friendly when approached with a smile and some respect. I think that there is a resentment on the local's part because so many people come just for the day, go right to the beach, don't spend a dime and make a mess. Meals are not cheap but if you are you can always split. Almost every meal everywhere we went was sufficient for two. Mamacitas was Great! Barbara Rosa's didn't have a water view but was really good food, reasonable and cozy, bring your own booze as she has none. Bahia Marina had one of the best meals I ever had but it's a long way from town. Suzies was good, none too friendly. Dinghy Dock: My only experience: No booze, no beer, no wine, no chicken, no seafood, no pork, We could have had salad and beef.
I flew in via Air Flamenco, For $100 I highly reccommend it. On the way out I think we had a pilot not old enough to have a drivers license, but he made the best landing I've ever experienced on any airplane.
If you are an all-inclusive kind of person you won't like Culebra, but if you like a little adventure, can stand some uncertainty, are pretty healthy, then you will love culebra.
If you take something to the beach, TAKE IT ALL BACK WITH YOU! Garbage in paradise really sets me off!

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Re: Casa Ensenada
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   02-05-10 04:10

Gary - thank you for sharing!

Enjoy Culebra!


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