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Taino Folk
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Rob Breeden (
Date:   09-12-09 23:34

The Taino people, I read a story about these individuals being the first on the island. Any artifacts still exist?

My friend Henry is anxious to raise a doggie and I figure the best approach
will be to save a puppy while we visit?

Oh...btw, rented Casa Pueblo from Mr. & Mrs. Galasso.....I hope the roosters aren't too loud! lol


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Re: Taino Folk
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   09-13-09 15:11

Hola! There are several places where you can see Taino artifacts. On the mainland, in Ponce, you can visit Tibes Indigenous Cerremonial Center, 787-840-2255, Carretera 503, Km2.2. This is a major site of Igneri and pre-Taino cultures with a museum and grounds. In Utuado, there is Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park, 787-894-7300, Carretera 111, Km 12.5. It is one of the major pre-Columbian sites in the Caribbean with ceremonial parks and petroglyphs as well as a museum with artifacts. There is evidence of Taino presence all over the island that you can see like for example, La Cueva del Indio Park in Las Piedras where there are Petroglyphs. In San Juan, there are various museums you can visit where there are countless artifacts. Call ahead to find out which are open on the particular day you want to visit. Here is a list as well as others in the island:

One of the best in San Juan is El Cuartel de Ballja/Museo de las Americas:

I've been to all of them, they are good from time to time. Sometimes, the government does not put in enough resources in the upkeep of these priceless pieces of history.

There is also a museum in Culebra. Read about it in Culebra's local paper:
They advertise as having archeological artifacts. Be sure to visit.

Contact this organization about the puppy:
Animal Welfare of Culebra (

Happy travels! J


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Re: Taino Folk
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: shawke (
Date:   09-15-09 18:06

Re roosters: sleep on the left side of the bed, with earplugs. Last visit we planted fresh herbs, in a pot, on the side near Butiki-enjoy. Also, when you return, let me know how "Debbie's tree" (the one on the lower deck off the bedroom) is doing. Have a great time!!

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