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Lodging without car and near beach?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mary C. (
Date:   08-11-09 00:06

I'm looking for a place to rent on Culebra where I won't need to rent a car and there is close beach access for swimming. Any suggestions? I've heard that Honda Bay is not great for swimming. Why is that?

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Re: lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Arroz (
Date:   08-11-09 20:53

Try Melones Beach House. It is within walking distance of town and Melones Beach for snorkelling. The beach itself is fine but the swimming isn't great right in front because of the reefs.

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Re: lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: bosie (
Date:   08-12-09 11:13

or just stay in town and catch the publico to Flamenco...$3 each way

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Re: lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Matt TOSIELLO (
Date:   09-02-09 20:38

Melones Beach House is great. We've stayed there 3 years in a row during Holy Week. We always get a car because we love Zoni so much. The Melones Beach has very nice snorkeling but you can't really swim, even if you go out pretty far. As for relaxation purposes Melones is great. Sitting on the coral beach with a cocktail only feet from your house is really wonderful. I love watching the ferry go in and out and listening to the waves lap the beach.

Also - for the price you really can't beat the Melones Beach House. The kitchen is a little rustic (it's outside but has a toaster, hot plate, real fridge and coffee maker) and the lizards scatter when you open the door (again part of the island charm) but it is comfortable for 2 people and has a good ceiling fan and a/c. There is also a little TV/VCR combo with basic DirecTV.

My own wish for this property is... SCREENS. I hate putting on the a/c in Culebra - there is really no need for it (at least during Semana Santa) with the great breezes but we don't want mosquitoes or critters visiting during the night (not part of the island charm!). It could also stand to use a paint job and some new linens but I can look past this for the price...

Regardless, Vacation Planners (they rep the place) has always taken care of us and I like working with them.

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