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visiting this week
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jamie Luzader (
Date:   04-19-09 15:00

looking forward to the calm and relaxation and getting away from the concrete jungle of SJ.
trying to travel light, but have four kids.
anything you recommend that we bring? not bring?
beach towels, a cooler, beach chairs and bathing suits...snorkel gear and boogie boards.... I am thinking that is enough for me! lol

we are staying right in town. any recommendations for food?

want to grab a car for a day or two. looking for functional but inexpensive, looks do not matter as we will be sitting on a beach not in the car. an island beater that won't break down on us sound good. recommendation?

snorkeling with kids... Rosarios? or melones? they want to do it but are nervous.

crime? do I need to worry about the kids sitting on the beach if I am out snorkeling?

looking forward to the week ahead...thanks!

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Re: visiting this week
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   04-19-09 22:40

crime - not really, Rosario is generally calm, fewer urchins, more sand and reef protected (just harder to get to), Jerry has beaters that are well maintained, but others have their preferences.

packing list sounds about right, I'd skip the chairs, but that's me.

ok sometimes I can give a straight answer.

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