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Where to stay?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Shelley (69.15.8.---)
Date:   04-14-09 18:49

I am planning a visit to Culebra next week and am hoping to stay at either Villa Flamenco Beach, Culebra Beach Rental, or Tamarindo Beach Apartments. It looks like I can't go wrong, but wanted to ask if anyone had been to these spots recently and had a preference. I'm finishing a very busy time at work so am just looking for a beautiful quiet beach where I can read and rest. I'm hoping just to rent a bike, not a car, so I don't know if these places would be too far away from town if I need to get groceries. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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Re: Where to stay?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mss289r (
Date:   04-14-09 20:31

I've stayed at Villa Flamenco Beach many times and have always had a great experience. I would recommend Apts 3, 4, & 6. Three and four have balconies facing the beach and 6 has a nice layout and good morning light. It's quiet and family owned and run.

Culebra Beach Villas is right next door. and I've heard good things about it. It's a larger place with more apartments.

Flamenco Beach is spectacular and even has snorkling if you are interested in that. There are also kiosks that sell food at the beach/camping area about 1/2 mile east of Villa Flamenco & Culebra Beach Villas. Publico's are available there to take you to town for 3$ each way.

I've visited Tamarindo and it was very nice. Good snorkling and real quiet. The beach there is not the white sand/postcard that you get at Flamenco.

About bicycles: You are only a couple of miles from town and it is a good option to rent one. It's up a hill that's not too bad and down the other side. Not a good plan at night - very dark! If you do rent a bike, plan on some sort of back pack to get groceries in town or you cold take a publico to do your shopping.

Best of luck. It's a great island to unwind.

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Re: Where to stay?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Erma (
Date:   04-14-09 21:50


I made an almost identical trip at the end of February for the same reasons. I strongly encourage you to stay at Villa Flamenco Beach. Esmeralda and Max are the owners and they actually care about the people staying with them - most of whom are repeat /long term visitors. They provide a perfect place that is not only safe, extremely clean, but also has all of the little things that make you comfortable. Listening to the waves at night was terrific - you are RIGHT on the beach basically. Michael, what room did I have if it is in the rear facing inland (not towards the establishment next door)? I loved this room for the nearly floor to ceiling screens on two walls which coupled with the louvered door offer you a cooling breeze. This room is also private. The apartments have all you need to make simple or complex meals at home. I was blown away by what some of the other guest's cooked up for dinner :-)

Esmeralda runs a tight operation here on Flamenco and it is obvious when you see the well kept area's including brand new lounge chairs. They also hosted a friday night fish dinner that was by far the best meal on the island and the most fun evening of the trip.

Kate is the office manager and she took amazing care of us. Before we arrived she even found a place for us to stay the first evening as the room wasn't yet available. The next day she offered that we could drop off our bags and even groceries that morning, hit the beach, and by lunch our room was cleaned and ready for us to move it. Kate called Air Flamenco to confirm my return flights and also made a reservation for my friend so that she could stay a little longer (scratch the ferry). I could keep going - bit of sunscreen on the last day instead of buying another bottle, answering all of our newbie questions, etc.

I would also say that the other guest's really made VFB special. They truly loved not only Culebra but Esmeralda, Max and Kate. It was a special time for them to be on the island and it seemed like 'home'. They were a wonderful group for discussions and so interesting too - one couple had biked across the US years ago! My best friend and I felt so safe and welcomed at VFB.

We did not rent a car for the short trip but instead managed by picking up most of the groceries while we were in Dewey the first morning. That afternoon we realized the error of our ways in not procuring adult beverage ingredients so we walked into town around 5, picked up the groceries, went to dinner at the Dingy Dock, and took a publico back to VFB. Perfect use of a round trip to town. She went back to town for the fruit market but I didn't go back until departure day. I ALMOST had to go for 1 more gallon of water - until Kate saved me! Just next door they sell ice and gallon's of bottled water. Wow that was easy. If you are good with walking I think that would be a better option because you could do the one way + publico return with ease. It was a very pleasant stroll into town and gave us a chance to see the island details.

Based on trips to most of the islands in the Caribbean, plus some in the South Pacific, Flamenco Beach is all that and more. It really is the most beautiful beach I have ever visited. Culebra was on my radar for 9 years but I kept putting it off for destinations farther from home. I am thrilled that I finally experienced this beautiful island and delighted that I had a chance on my first trip to stay at VFB.

Does anyone know if VFB will be open after April this year? I understand E & M travel to Connecticut for the summer months and I am not sure if they will have someone take over during this time. I really want to take my husband to the island...but only if we can stay here. The houses for rent on other parts of the island look great but I just loved being steps away from Flamenco and the ease of coming/going during the day. I really should email them to find out...

Best wishes for a beautiful and relaxing trip to Culebra Shelly, Erma

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Re: Where to stay?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mss289r (
Date:   04-14-09 22:15

I believe that Erma had Apt 6. (Five faces the Culebra Beach Villa side.) I 100% agree with everything you've said about Villa Flamenco Beach. I think that Max and Esmeralda go back to CT in eraly May , but probably best to call. 787-742-0023.

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