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Camping and Food for 13 People
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Gabby (
Date:   03-15-09 01:12

Hello -

I am traveling with 12 people to Cuelebra next week and am a bit concerned about food. Is it easy to get into town to buy groceries or should we plan on bringing everything out with us ahead of time? We were not planning on renting a car, simply hiring taxis/shuttles from the ferry drop-off point. Is this feasible? If we have phone service, will we be able to find taxis to pick us all up from Flamenco Beach. Additionally, does anyone know if there will be firewood for sale at the campground - we will want to make sure we have fuel to cook with. We have heard that Vieques has more of a tourist infrastructure to accomodate 13 campers, but we are pretty set on Culebra after all of the wonderful reviews we've read. Please advise.

One last question - if we do decide on Culebra, do we need reservations for campsites? We will have 4 tents. I have not been able to get in touch with anyone to reserve campsites.

Thank you for your help!

- Gabby

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Re: Camping and Food for 13 People
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: bosie (
Date:   03-16-09 17:24

Publicos can take you to the beach/campground and back to town from the ferry dock.

No reservations but theres usually more than enough camping sites to set up your stuff. The park will charge you 25 dollars per tent per day and set you up with some permission slips and wrist bands. Be sure to visit the ranger office and pay for the camping before setting off as they could think your trying to camp for free and give you a fine. Bring your own gear, and sunscreen and bug repellent. There are cement block grills all around the camping area and all you will need is some charcoal and lighter fluid to start up a BBQ. Camp site also has bathrooms, showers and non potable water reservoirs where you can wash your dishes or swimsuits.

You can purchase food in town at the grocery or eat cheap at the kiosks at the entrance to the beach.

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Re: Camping and Food for 13 People
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   03-18-09 16:45

There is tourist infrastructure to handle hundreds of campers. If you go on a holiday weekend, you'll see that firsthand.

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