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Hospedaje para 15-20
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Andrew Ferenczi (
Date:   01-17-09 20:58

My name is Andrew and I live on the main island in Guaynabo. A group of friends and I are interested in heading over to Culebra during the weekend of February 13-15. We would need lodging for 2-3 nights but price is a big issue. We are students ages 17-19 and we would be looking for the cheapest alternative anywhere from $15-$30 per person. There is absolutely no problem with cramming people on couches and floors if that is alright with the hotel owners. I would really appreciate any help and in any case my number is 787-509-6666 so please contact me there or via e-mail if possible. Thank you very much and I hope to be seeing you soon.

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Re: Hospedaje para 15-20
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   01-18-09 23:03

Hola! A party with that many people and needing ample space to party both day and night, my suggestion would be to camp right on the beach at Flamingo Beach. Be considerate of your neighbors if you camp, have fun and stay safe. That would be your most inexpensive lodging arrangement. All you would need to plan for are the logistics: number of tents, food, drink, portable showers, etc. Take your cameras to take those memorable pics and have fun, be safe and stay safe. Happy travels! J


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