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Driving to Farajado
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Brad wolfson (
Date:   11-11-08 13:49

Hello everyone- I've enjoyed lurking around and reading everyone's posts. Very helpful, thanks. My girlfriend and I are headed to Culebra the week of Nov 27th and we are both very excited to check it out.

We will be spending a night in Farajado prior to heading to the island. We have rented a car from the airport in San Juan that we will leave in Farajado until we return from the island. I'm wondering if it's an easy drive from San Juan to Farajado and what along the way we should stop and see. Interesting food stops off the beaten path also appreciated.


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Re: Driving to Farajado
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: ZoĆ« Vars (
Date:   11-11-08 21:11

My partner and I have done the drive, it really isn't that bad. Of course I learned to drive in Boston and now live in NYC so my perception of driving is a bit skewed.
That said, be prepared for a lot of tailgating at high speeds. It might make some people uncomfortable. I'd say it's about an hours drive, and we had no trouble with finding our way.
The only stop we made was after we got to Fajardo. We hiked el Junque which I highly recommend. It's got some spectacular views, the trails are fairly easy and well marked. There are waterfalls, lookout towers and streams for swimming.
Have fun.

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