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Safest Areas to Swim?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Elaine Margarett (
Date:   09-17-08 16:16

First let me say Hola, Culebra!

We're returning to Culebra this November after a visit this past March. We were only there 4 days on that visit, and it just wasn't long enough!

I was wondering if there are currents or tides we need to be aware of.
We're staying close to Zoni beach and it seems so wild and isolated. A good thing, for sure, but what about swimming for those who aren't strong swimmers?

What about snorkling?

I must admit I read an older post while searching where the woman's husband got swept along in a current while snorkling and almost drowned and it freaked me out a little. <g>

who doesn't mind just basking on the beach~

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Re: Safest Areas to Swim?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   09-17-08 21:04

Flamenco is far and away the safest major beach. It's protected by reefs, and even when the surf is "heavy", there are sections of Flamenco that are very mild.

Zoni can be rough. But you'll know right away if it's too rough for you. Just looking at it will tell you, most likely. The surf tends to vary day by day. You'll likely find some calm days and some rough days.

As for being a strong swimmer... What are you planning to do? If you're going to mainly play in the waves, then it's easy to decide... Just don't go in the water when the waves are too high. If you're wanting to "swim laps", Zoni is probably not the best place to do it.

Flamenco has lifeguards, at least on many days (and honestly, they aren't really needed.... Their main role seems to be to stop everyone from having a good time when the waves are high enough for decent body surfing.)

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Re: Safest Areas to Swim?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herb (67.65.139.---)
Date:   09-18-08 13:36

I snorkeled the beach in front of the camp ground and it was unremarkable. I had little problems with currents, etc. The best snorkeling is over the hill at Carlos Rosario and we did not encounter any issues with harsh currents.

We also had a blast boogie boarding at Flamenco, right in front of the Villas. The waves were about 3 feet tall and the bottom was completely sand with no coral around. SWEET!!


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Re: Safest Areas to Swim?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Linda Powers (
Date:   09-27-08 19:48

Watch for the riptides at Flamenco. Usually it's just fine, but are more prevalent on the right side of the beach. Awesome sandy bottom and gradual slope to deeper water.

Melones, Rosario, and Punta Soldado are all really nice for swimming and the snorkeling is super. Entry at Rosario is the nicest, but ya gotta hike it and keep walking to the right even if you think you're there. Tamarindo can have a good current if you get out there.

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