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Mid-November Trip
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Angelina (
Date:   09-08-08 19:35

So, I am still trying to iron out the details for my Nov.12 - Nov.20 trip to PR.
Mostly need to figure out the travel logistics. Planes, Boats, Ferries, Rental Cars, Publicos ! Yikes!
1.) Camping at Flamenco or Sun Bay (Viesques). How bad are the mosquitoes? Is there somewhere I can rent a tent and a bed roll? Otherwise, I'll be burdened with a ton of luggage! We bring our own snorkel gear. I will ask my Mainland guesthouse if they have any ideas on the tent.
2) Would any of the other couples going in same time frame like to share some accommodations (plane ride, snorkel boat trip, even a 2 bedroom?) Depending on where we book it seems like you can get better accommodations at a better price if you had 2 couples splitting things.
I'm sure I'll think off more later. Thanks everyone.

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Re: Mid-November Trip
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   09-09-08 14:23

Hola! Read the info I posted under:
You probably have read this info already. You have 7 complete days to do as much as you can in PR. I don't count travel days because I personally take those days to become acquainted with wherever I have arrived to, jet lag, getting supplies, etc. If you can do some sight seeing on arrival and departure days, that's a plus. Hit the beach if anything, after picking up info, magazines and maps from the PR Tourism Company kiosk at the airport. The kiosk is located before baggage claim in the airport. All the info is free.

It is wise to price your rental, 7 days vs. 3 or 4. Sometimes the week long rental is cheaper even though you are not going to use it for a couple of days if you decide to go to Culebra. It is also cheaper to rent outside the airport. Some rental offices offer a shuttle bus to take you to their offices that are located 5 minutes away from the airport for a lower rate. If you are staying in the San Juan area, you can maybe taxi to your hotel or maybe they offer free shuttle and then rent a car near your hotel. Stay on the last day in San Juan and return the vehicle. There are a couple of options.

Read about the camping experiences in this site, there are many experiences during every month of the year. It is always wise to take bug spray any time of the year. November is not mosquito season but, some are always there.
There is a place where you can rent tents and other camping supplies in Culebra:
It seems they have all sorts of equipment.
I'm sure there will be other guests traveling to Culebra at that same time. Keep checking the postings.
Happy travels! J


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