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Hilltop Guesthouse
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Susan Broad (
Date:   09-07-08 08:10

Help so confused as to wehre to stay. Cistern water seems to be an issue and i think Hilltop ahs this. They seem lovely, but might not be enough privacy? Any suggestions


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Re: Hilltop Guesthouse
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   09-07-08 09:22

Hilltop Guest House is on city water, with a cistern backup system. If the city water goes out, you have cistern water. It's actually a pretty great feature if you'd like a shower after a day at the beach and the city water is off.

The property has several components - main guest house, casita and studio. Which one are you thinking of renting? If you are renting the entire property, you will have the entire property to yourselves. The owners do not live on-site. If you are renting one of the three components, there is always the possibility that someone else could be renting the other two components, and then you would share parking, pool, yard and view. We have stayed in the casita many, many times, and we are divers. The casita is quite private. At the time we rented, the owners did live on site, and we shared cocktails and pool time with them in the afternoons. It's pretty quiet there at night - much better than staying in town. Not so much car noise, not so much airplane noise, and no roosters. You might hear some dogs though.

Hope this is helfpul.

Happy Diving!

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