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Culebra in November
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michelle Metz (
Date:   09-04-08 23:36

so...I'm trying to plan a trip for my boyfriend and I to PR for the week of Nov 15-22nd. He offhandedly mentioned Culebra the other day, and that started me researching and planning. Everything I've found so far sounds spectactular and I for sure want to do I need to work on the specifics. How long should we stay on Culebra? Would you recommend the whole week? I was thinking that I also want to hike around in the rain forest and check out San Juan. Do you think we can do justice to all three in one short week? He's been scuba diving before, but I've never tried it, would love to tho...does Culebra offer diving that we could both enjoy? Any and all suggestions to make this trip memorable are welcomed. Where should we stay? How should we get around? What should we not miss?


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Re: a week in November
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chris AK (
Date:   09-05-08 02:47

My wife and I spent a week of our month visit to PR on Culebra. We are going back to Culebra for a week at Christmas-time. I have only been to PR once but If I were you I would spend a significant amount on Culebra... We are into camping and Playa flemenco is pretty kush.... El Yunque is fun, I only aloted 1/2 day, and I was satisfied. You can spend the day at el yunque and night at old san juan.... There is a place that was pretty amazing, its a local hangout and You have to be a little brave, "Las Tienajas " It is a river and as you hike back toward the mountains it becomes a series of waterfalls and pools that you can play in..... AMAZING! Follow the road to the airport in Fajardo and then you will just have to ask around... anyway, all in all go to Culebra you wont reget it!!

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Re: a week in November
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   09-05-08 17:07

Hola! That's a great week, just before the holidays kick in and start. It will be all about logistics and how well you plan it out but, one week is doable. Although, you might want to put your energy into two places, get acquainted and promise to return.

There's lot to see and do in San Juan. I would suggest calling the Puerto Rico Tourism Company 1-800-866-7827 and request maps, magazines, info of PR in general, San Juan, El Yunque (Luquillo), Fajardo and Culebra. They will send you all this free.

I would suggest to stay at least 1 or 2 days in San Juan. See San Juan on the first day and maybe go to El Yunque on the second. El Yunque can take a couple of hours if you only want to do a drive through and the occasional pic, half a day if you want to hike a short trail, or most of the day if you want to hike all the way to the highest peak and "El Yunque". Check out their website: There's info about the trails and how much time it takes to hike and what there is to see.

Third day head out to Culebra via ferry or fly out. If you take the ferry, you need transportation San Juan to Fajardo then ferry out of Fajardo. If you fly, take a taxi to Isla Grande and fly out to Culebra Airport.

In Culebra you can dive (there are a couple of outfits that will take you, everthing included, search under FORUM SEARCH on this page for info about that) you do need to be certified, snorkle (there are places where you can rent gear), go to the beach: Flamenco, Carlos Rosario, Zoni, Melones, etc

Eating: kiosks at Flamenco, Mamacitas, El Batey, etc.

Lodging: search under SHELTER on this page for places to stay. I've stayed at Casita Tropical, Posada La Hamaca and there are others just as good.

How to get around: there are rental places for jeeps, golf carts, scooters and bikes. There are also "publicos" which are van like taxis that take you from point A to B for $2 maybe more if they have to pick you up and we have also hitch hiked, makes for great conversation with the locals and it's safe. It's safe everywhere on Culebra.

Check out Culebra's newspaper:

This website is also great for getting info. Let us know if you need more info.Happy travels! J


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Re: a week in November
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   09-07-08 15:53

What time will your return flight be? I would stay the full week on Culebra and on your return date, get the earliest flight out of Culebra and into Fajardo. Rent a car and drive to the rainforest on your way back to SJ, for some hiking and then on to Old San Juan for the rest of the day. Get as late a flight out of SJ that you can. You can return your car to the airport in SJ. Have a wonderful time!!

Vicki in Tennessee

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Re: Culebra in November
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Angelina (
Date:   09-08-08 17:17

My husband and I are also coming to Culebra the same week! I am also trying to work out details. Any interest in sharing a plane ride to Viesques? If I understood right they need 4 people minimum before they take off. I would be willing to share a number of things actually...snorkeling boat trip, etc.
Thanks. More later. I have to go make dinner :)

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