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Ferriy transport
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Al DeGroot (
Date:   09-04-08 21:19

Hi - Thanks in advance for help - my wife & I are going to Culebra for a couple of nights in January. Can't wait. Is there a ferry from Old San Juan?

If not what is the best way to get from San Juan to Fejardo for the ferry, we were told cab fare is about $45 each way. Would we be better off renting a car and parking it at the ferry terminal for the time we are in Culebra.

Any suggestions for lodging on a beach, the lodges on Flaminco have no vacancies; any cute guest hoyses on or near the beach that would rent for just a couple of nights?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Ferriy transport
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palmettoculebra (
Date:   09-05-08 10:49

Good morning,
The ferry runs from Fajardo x3/day. It is $4.50 r/t pp. It takes aprox. 1 hour & you need to be at the terminal at least an hour before to purchase tickets.

The taxi ride is aprox. $65/each way. We recommend a taxi gentleman named Al (787)590-9001. He's very reliable & I often use him myself when on the big island.

Palmetto Guesthouse

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Re: Ferriy transport
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   09-05-08 14:16

Hola! Unfortunately, there is no ferry from San Juan to Culebra, maybe someday...
You have a couple of options for transport from San Juan to Fajardo. You could hire a driver, there are a couple that our bloggers have used and are very reliable and responsible. They will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at Port Authority in Fajardo.You have the one listed above, Al. You can also call John's publico:

Henry's publico: 787-632-9600

They are both frequently mentioned within the forum and have good references and have provided good service. They range from $65-80. Maybe you might want to share a ride with other guests on these publicos and that will cut your costs. These publicos can usually accomodate at least 6 people.

You could also rent a car at the airport in San Juan and drop it off at Fajardo if the company has an office there. Check a couple of search engine's for deals and I would also call the rental office at San Juan to confirm your reservation and drop off times and dates. There is parking at Fajardo if you choose to leave your rental car. Maybe $3-$5/day. This may be pricer and I don't know if you want to deal with the driving. It's a little over an hour drive give and take traffic, maybe more if you're on the road after 4 PM. It will be a long day for you, flight, drive and ferry, so take into consideration if you want to drive on PR roads, you'll have to have PATIENCE, lots, LOL!!!!

Too bad there was no lodging on the beach. I would call back and tell them to put you on a waiting list if something opens up or call regularly to check if they have had any last minute cancellations. If you don't want to wait, go under SHELTER in this website and use the inquiry form for a general word out about your lodging petition or call Culebra Vacation Planners 1-866-CULEBRA (1-866-285-3272),
Happy travels! J


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