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San Juan Question
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: KathrynJ (
Date:   08-11-08 11:24

We are having to stay a night in San Juan since our flight doesn't arrive until late afternoon.

We are looking at different places to stay, just something cheap and easy.
Hotel Milano looked nice, but a little high for a one night stay.

Any suggestion of a place close to isla grande?

Also would love suggestions on a place for a good dinner????

Thank You

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Re: San Juan Question
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: gina and sal (
Date:   08-12-08 08:45

My husband and I walked by Hotel Milano this past July while in Old San Juan, because we read about here on the forum and wanted to check it out. Try I found an apartment there about 3 years ago and now I rent directly from the owner and it's in right in the middle of town (it's our way becoming more of a local then if we were to stay in a hotel). If you stay in Old San Juan you will be closer to Isla Grande. There are taxis all over that can take you.

Now for dinner: My husband and I always begin and end our trip with Ostra Cosa on Calle de Christo. I always enjoy the cheese crisps and always look forward to Alberto's company. If you go though you need to eat a little on the later side to see more action say like around 8 or 9pm.

Where are you staying in Culebra!

Have fun!

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Re: San Juan Question
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: KathrynJ (
Date:   08-12-08 13:55

Nevermind! I got AA to change my flight and I will now be able to catch the last flight from Isla Grande, I hope! Yeah! One more night in Culebra!

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