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Last minute accomodation Question
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Nicolas Guzman (66.17.205.---)
Date:   07-28-08 13:07

Hello Everyone,

My fiancee and I will be headed to Culebra as part of a week-long trip to PR in mid August. I have been looking and looking for the best accomodations on the island that mix both proximity to the beaches with convinence from the airport/ferry (not decided and which to take yet from fajardo, suggestions?). We understand Culebra isn't an "All Inclusive" type place and are excited about that but we are not exactly the "outdoors" type to camp or even "rough it". So I was wondering what the best suggestions for a compromise would be. Also, I am not sure about availability at this point, but I guess with suggestions I can move on to calling places myself.

Thanks for any help,


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Re: Last minute accomodation Question
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   07-28-08 17:40

Nick, when you say "looking and looking", do you mean that you've done some thorough searching on this board? There are lots of posts about lodging, and the "Shelter" section has lots of offerings and links to forum comments about each one. A great source of info.

There is really no lodging that is convenient to everything. Your choices are to rent a car/scooter/golfcart, or you take publicos. If you want publicos, you should stay in or near town so that you can walk to the ferry area to catch the publicos.

If you have your own transportation, then suddenly everything is convenient no matter where you stay.

Them's me thoughts! Have a great time.

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