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The current weather in Culebra

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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Will Hughes (
Date:   03-28-08 16:03

I just wanted to thank everyone we met while on the island, we had a blast! Gary, the directions to Robin Phillips in El Yunque were perfect and he was great. Michael, you are a gracious host, thanks for taking care of us and Amy Jo, thanks for the tunes, we'll catch you out at the marina next time we're there!
See ya soon.

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Re: Thanks!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Zach (208.3.253.---)
Date:   04-01-08 13:47

Hi Will,

I saw this post and figured since you had just been I thought you may have some advice for me – my friend and I are planning a long weekend in mid-june.

I will probably be staying with friends but if their place is rented we will need to look for other accommodations – anything you would suggest?

Did you rent a car/jeep/bike while you were there?

Any info you might provide would be greatly appreciated – what TO do what NOT to do etc.



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Re: Thanks!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Will Hughes (
Date:   04-04-08 09:44

Hey Zach,

I can give you what some of my highlights were and take it for what it is worth. First off, are you planning to fly into Culebra from San Juan or take the ferry from Fajardo? I would suggest flying from San Juan simply because we ran into some issues with the ferry not running due to weather. The money you spend to get to Fajardo is pretty much equal to what you spend in airfare to fly from San Juan. Be patient in calling Air Flamenco, it can take a little while or a couple of calls before someone answers. They may tell you to just show up and you don't need a reservation, but i would try to be as insistant as possible about making a reservation for the date you want.
As far as where to stay, the campground at Flamenco Beach is inexpensive and gives you beach access without travelling. We stayed at Hotel Kokomo right at the ferry docks in Dewey and they are fine if you are there to be on the beach and out about town and the room is simply a bed to sleep at night and take a shower. I will either stay there again or go to the Palmetto Guest House when I go back. Mamacita's also has a decent guest house. There are alot of guest houses and nicer hotels that I personally don't know much about, but call Michael with Vacation Planners and he can tell you all you need to know.
Rent a scooter or cart for at least 24 hours and go out to Zoni Beach. You can get a taxi, but it is nice to be able to go at your leasure. Go snorkeling out at Carlos Rosario, it is a nice little hike from Flamenco out there and well worth your time. If you have a long weekend, that should be plenty, but don't plan too much, just go with it. Have dinner and drinks at Mamacita's one night, check out the Dinghy Dock another. You really can't go wrong.
That's it, enjoy!

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