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advice on visiting...
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Nicole Girion (
Date:   03-19-08 23:42

i'm going to be visiting puerto rico june 14- 18th. i was thinking of staying in san juan for a night, and then spending the other three nights on culebra. i'm quite interested in stopping at el yunque on the way to culebra but i'm not quite sure how feasible that is considering how short my trip will be. if i were to do this, what would be the best way to get to culebra? like, could i rent a car from san juan and leave early in the morning, have enough time to explore el yunque on the way and then get to culebra either by ferry or plane from fajardo? how long is the drive between the two, and stopping in el yunque? any advice would be helpful.

also, are there any biobays in culebra?

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Re: advice on visiting...
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   03-20-08 10:48

The US Forest Service website is worthwhile checking out, Puerto Rico is the Carribean National Forest although, the official name is El Yunque National Forest. A visit to El Portal will provide info about what you can see in the forest or head straight to one of the trails. The trails are varied in difficulty ranging from easy hike of 30 minutes, like for example the Mina trail or 2 hour hike to El Yunque peak, although it took us 1 hour 20 minutes at a steady pace. This is a place where you can stay all day; the park is open from 7:30 AM to 6PM or choose a trail, hike, picnic and enjoy leaving no trace behind. From the airport, it's about an hour (check the website for directions) give and take for traffic. From the forest to Fajardo it should by 1/2 to 40 minute more or less, give and take traffic. There are places to stay within El Yunque area maybe this might be a better option than staying in San Juan the first night. ALWAYS account for traffic time, a couple miles could consume time if you are stuck in a traffic jam and the narrow roads, traffic lights, motorcycles/scooters, pedestrians can hold you up. It is a great place to visit just plan ahead. Happy travels! J


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