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Ride to Fajardo 3/5
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Lorraine (
Date:   02-18-08 17:28

I am arriving in San Juan airport on March 5th at appro 4 pm and am hoping to share the expense to Fajardo to the ferry to Culebra..THANKS

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Re: Ride to Fajardo 3/5
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Todd Davis (
Date:   02-25-08 15:56

Awesome. My wife and I are arriving in SJ on March 5th at 2:15pm. We are currently exploring our options for getting from SJ to Culebra. The cost of the taxi was a bit expensive for the 2 off us so we were thinking of just flying for the same price, but if we wait for you and split it maybe it will be a good deal. Are you taking the ferry to culebra? I'm thinking you must be shooting for the 7pm ferry ride? I've heard traffic can start getting pretty bad around 4pm, but I'm think we could still make the 7pm ferry as long as your flight didn't get delayed. Are you landing at 4pm or expecting to have luggage and be ready to leave at 4pm? Let me spend a little more time looking into plane tickets and get back to you. Todd

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