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Holy Week follow up
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sara Anne (
Date:   02-15-08 14:03

Hey- I'm camping in Culebra from the seems like this was a poor decision due to the holidays, but my question is this: Is it busy throughout the whole week, or just easter weekend? Also, if it gets too busy and we move over to Vieques, would that be a good idea, or do you guys think it will be just as crowded?


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Re: Holy Week follow up
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MJ (
Date:   02-15-08 19:36

Busy over Semana Santa (which is what Holy Week is called here), is relative. Camping is a huge thing for Puerto Ricans during this week, mainly as it gets the whole family together and in the elements. It doesn't just happen here, or PR happens on all of the islands. I remember one family when I lived on St. Croix who figured out how to bring down a refrigerator to the beach and have some guy they knew hook it up to a power line. Their extended family numbered something like 30 or more...from Great Grandpa to the newest baby. It was pretty cool, I thought.

So...if you are camping, yes, it will be crowded there (kids are also starting Spring Break then). During mid-day, there will be a fair amount of traffic. Lines at the markets will take awhile. Restaurants will run out of food. The gas stations may run out of gas (that would be due to same amount of storage for fuel, but lots more cars, highly including rental cars, on the island being used than when the stations were originally built - or...the ferry doesn't work and the trucks can't get over...whatever).

The hotels and guest houses will be booked up, though there is usually SOME place to stay - don't count on walking in like you might have if you visited 10 years ago.

That's one side. The other side is...if you want to see a cultural happening going on and are prepared to have this be a holiday a little different than can be a lot of fun and you might go home saying, hey, that wasn't like I thought it would be.

But if you want it really really really quiet?? Come in Sept/Oct. We'll be real glad to see you!

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