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Culebra in Dec-- a few questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Manish Khettry (
Date:   11-20-07 00:11

I have a couple of questions about our christmas trip to Culebra. I looked around and did not find obvious answers and thought would check by asking on this forum.

1. From San Juan-- we plan to fly in. It looks like the ferry from Fajardo can get full leaving would be commuters in the lurch (is that true?) so we were thinking of flying from either San Juan or Fajardo. Do we need to buy tickets in advance? We'll be flying on the 24th of December.

2. To Vieques or not-- We have about 5 days in Culebra before we head back to San Juan and were wondering if we should squeeze in a day to Vieques. The big draw for us in Vieques is Mosquito bay and we weren't sure how much time it would suck up to get there and what else can we accomplish without a car (yes, I know, impossible to get a car) in Vieques.

3. Car or Jeep in Culebra-- Can we get by without a jeep? We'll be looking for quiet beaches to swim, snorkel or just plain do nothing. Unlike Vieques, it looks like most of the beaches are easily accessible but I thought I'd check.

4. Advance reservations-- Do we need any for Culebra? for things like trip to Culebrita or car rental or dinner. We'll be there around the 24th-28th/29th which must be the busiest time of the year.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Culebra in Dec-- a few questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   11-20-07 03:17

wow, where to start...

V is a much bigger place and you do need a jeep (frankly I wouldn't break up the trip). C you can do w/o a Jeep, but it's much easier with. and if you want to see the really quiet beaches (Zoni among others) you'll need one or be really good at making friends. if you want one, book a jeep now cause things get reserved fast.

I won't say you need one for the entire time and in fact it's the one place I'll pick up hitchers and also not feel weird hitching.

seriously, though if you want: "swim, snorkel or do nothing" you'll find plenty of that. in abundance.

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Re: Culebra in Dec-- a few questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palmettoculebra (
Date:   11-20-07 12:01

i'll try the airlilne part of your question..

i would reserve in advance. one of my sisters is coming on the 24th & the flights were definately filling up (she's booked!).

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Re: Culebra in Dec-- a few questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie (
Date:   11-26-07 00:02

dear m,

i hear your dilemma - my boyfriend and i did a culebra/vieques vacation in August. while there are more restaurants on vieques, and mosquito bay is pretty cool, the beaches aren't as beautiful as the ones in culebra. the vieques beaches are beautiful but culebra just spoils you. and we did some serious trekking and walking to find that perfect beach but didn't find anything that came close. however a resident told us that the best beaches are accessible by boat, so I can't speak for those.

anyways we are already returning for 10 days in february and we'll be staying on culebra!

also the ferry was a pain in the butt, and we lost some time doing that.


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