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Day trip?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mikhal (63.238.139.---)
Date:   04-27-07 12:54

Hello there,

I am visting San Juan with my girlfriend the second week of May for 3.5 days. I would very much like to go to Culebra for some snorkeling.

I've read things on the internet about taking catamaran trips, but I'm not so sure about those. I'd rather do my own thing and go snorkeling on my own schedule.

I don't plan on staying a night in Culebra, does any one have suggestions about how to make a day trip out of visiting Culebra, the beaches, snorkeling, getting there and back, etc.

Any suggestions and/or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Day trip?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   04-27-07 13:02

Mikhal, first of all welcome to the forum.

Secondly you will need at least .75 days for getting to and from Culebra. So I don't think it's worth spending 21% of your time just to get to a snorkeling destination.

Other than that, come for longer and

Enjoy Culebra!


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Re: Day trip?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mikhal (71.238.17.---)
Date:   04-29-07 16:36

I did try to look at Ferry schedules and all, does it really take that long to get there and back?

I figured 1 hour by car to Fajardo, and another 1.5 hours by Ferry to Culebra for a total of 2.5 hours. There's more than that?

Hmm, I'm glad I posted... cause if a day trip to Culebra isn't recommeded, then what's everyone's thought on doing a catamaran snorkel trip?
Such as...

Any comments are welcome! Thanks!


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Re: Day trip?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   04-29-07 17:12

What Michael was trying to point out is you have to double the 2.5 hours you've calculated for going there AND back.

It's interesting that the catamaran trip advertises Flamenco Beach, but the snorkeling is at Luis Pena, a separate, outer island (also called a cayo or key). If it took you to Carlos Rosario for snorkeling, you could take the path over the hill to Flamenco Beach to see it for yourself. You're on the wrong side of the island to even see Flamenco Beach while cruising if you go to Luis Pena only.

The trip to Culebrita is also a trip to an outer island. Doesn't mention anything about Flamenco Beach. Based on the route though, if they really travel along the north side one way and the south side the other way, you would at least get to see Flamenco Beach and the whole island for that matter. Nice deal to be on a vessel where you can enjoy the beauty of the waters, get some sun on the way over and back, and some great snorkeling in between.

If you take the ferry, here's how it goes. Not all ferries have enough outdoor seating for you to enjoy the ride. If you get stuck inside, it's kind of the same as being on a bus or a plane. Leave Fajardo 9am. Get to Culebra at 10:30 am, get off with 500 other people trying to jam into publicos for the 10 minute ride to Flamenco. Enjoy lunch at the kioskos at the beach, hang out at the beach until 3pm, so that you can catch the publicos back to the 5pm ferry. Arrive back in Fajardo 6:30pm.

Hope this helps.

Happy Diving!

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