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Beach Rules
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: marcomo (
Date:   04-02-07 17:18


I am planning stopping through Culebra in a few weeks and would like to spend a day on playa flamenco. I have tried unsucessfully to find out what the rules are for the beach. Am I allowed to bring beer on to the beach? If so, is glass prohibited? Also, I had envisoned perhaps enjoying a cigar. Are there no-smoking rules? Any help at all would be good because the last thing I want when I visit is a hefty fine. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Beach Rules
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Pedro Gonzalez (
Date:   04-02-07 18:46


Yes, you can bring beer to the beach. However, no glass under any circumstance. I do not smoke, so I don't know about any smoking ban or rule. Maybe someone else could answer.

Enjoy your stay!!

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Re: Beach Rules
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   04-02-07 19:10

People were smoking around me last month, but with the new PR smoking law, I wonder if that's changed anything. In any event, there were no signs posted prohibiting it last month.

Happy Diving!

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Re: Beach Rules
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   04-03-07 00:29

can't speak to the current smoking rules, but when I smoke on the beach or anywhere else non-urban, I pinch the burning end off (entirely decomposable), and I make sure it's out, because wildfire can be a really serious issue there or anywhere, then I carry the rest back with me.

I would imagine it's more of a nuisance law, ie: don't annoy anyone or leave trash behind. kinda how here the parks say no liquor, but it's only enforced if you're making an a** of yourself.

yes, we got into this a few days ago, and I agree, it's hard not to annoy in close quarters even if you're outside. so I'd go left at the beach waaaay past the tank if you want a leisurely and remote time and just p/u after yourself.

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