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Artifacts found after HUGO
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: webmaster (
Date:   12-03-02 10:30

in an earlier post by melanie is an address to a site where,

"In all, over 2,000 ceramic fragments and nearly 9,000 items of food remains, such as crab claws and fish bones, were recovered. The artifacts include small shell beads, a large "bat-winged" shell pendant (see left), and stone flakes used to cut and scrape. Some coral fragments appear to have been used as grinding instruments. The site yielded an abundance of well-made but mostly undecorated ceramic vessel fragments. (Shaded areas in the pottery illustrations indicate actual sherds recovered.) The vessels include at least ten different forms. There are necked jars, open bowls, boat-shaped vessels, platters, and several receptacles with incurving or inflected sides, some with D-shaped handles. One of the vessels is a flat clay griddle (burén), probably used to bake cassava bread made from manioc flour. The vessel rims were painted red; a few geometric lugs were attached to the rims of open bowls as decoration. By comparing artifacts found at the bottom of an excavation with those near the top, archeologists can study changes in ceramic forms through time. Few changes were noted in the ceramic assemblage from Lower Camp, suggesting that the occupation did not last long, perhaps 100 to 200 years."

where are they?!

I put a link to the site under intro/history!

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